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About us

As a family business, PSM Lighting works with you to create the lighting of your dreams.

A few decades ago, we realised that there were still many opportunities to make the lighting range more qualitative and user-friendly. Based on our experience as installers, we started to build our own lighting systems and thus filled the gap in the market.

Based on more than 30 years of experience, we produce creative and stylish lighting, while always keeping an eye on the latest innovations. We anticipate the future and the changing market. Our focus is primarily on LED technology.

From the hospitality industry, offices and shops to events and care institutions, for every building and for every style you will undoubtedly find in our extensive collection the product that perfectly suits your interior or exterior.

For the production of lighting in our own workshop, our craftsmen use only high-quality materials. Different products are produced on the same lines. The advantage of this is that they are treated by several employees and tested for quality.

We also handle the finishing in-house. In our own paint shop, we can give the luminaire the colour of your choice, if you wish.

In our showroom in Aalter, we immerse you in our wonderful world of lighting.

Psmlighting stands for quality, innovation and efficiency, but above all, we are a Belgian family business that develops, cares for and cherishes every product completely in-house until we hand it over to you.

Mortier Gerard Installations

It was already in the 1960s that Gerard Mortier planted the seeds that would later grow into PSM Lighting. Gerard gained a lot of experience at the national telegraph and telephone company (Regie voor Telegraaf en Telefonie), the predecessor of today's Proximus company, and then started as an independent electrician in a secondary profession in 1965.

Mortier Lighting: a shop for electrical appliances and lighting

After a while 'Mortier Gerard Installations' got a permanent base in the Lostraat in Aalter. Together with his wife, he set up an electricity shop. This was in line with the high demand for electrical appliances that characterised the 1980s. Lighting, too, quickly became one of the store's core products.

Son Pieter joins in strengthening the business.

After his technical training, Pieter joined his father. The business blossomed into a real family business.

The birth of psmlighting

But Gerard had bigger plans. He realised that the existing lighting market did not always offer the right quality and the desired ease of use that he wanted to use in his installations. That is why he decided to fill that gap in the market. He stopped as an installer and founded PSM Lighting together with his children. That same year, the brand-new company produced its first stainless steel 301V recessed spotlight and Pontos garden posts, using their convertible system.

First participation in Batibouw

Batibouw is the largest construction exhibition in Belgium and the place par excellence to get acquainted with our products. An excellent opportunity to introduce our products to all of Belgium and to inspire new customers.

Saskia joins the company

After Pieter, Saskia also joins the company. As an interior designer, she becomes an indispensable link in the design of our products. However, this was already written in the stars, since the previously chosen name psmlighting stands for Pieter and Saskia Mortier.

First participation in Light+Building in Frankfurt

If you want to continue to innovate, you have to light up beyond your national borders. That's why, for the first time in the year 2000, you found us at the Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt. This is one of the world’s most important trade fairs in the field of lighting and buildings.

Relocation and an award

Our collection and our team continued to expand. After ten years it was time to move from the Lostraat to a new building in the Groendreef in Aalter, where our showroom, workshop, offices and warehouse are in line with each other. This umbrella organisation guarantees continuous quality control.

During our third participation in the Light+Building fair we received the prestigious Design+Plus Award for our Forum wall light. This annual award rewards the best mix of design and technology.

Dialux becomes our partner for lighting studies and calculations

The Dialux planning tool supports lighting designers in their lighting studies and calculations. This includes an extensive search engine for light fittings in which you will find our products.

Our own powder coating plant

We are committed to innovation and are always looking for new ways to create high-quality products. In 2014, for example, we invested in our own powder coating plant. This not only resulted in an even faster delivery time, ranging from two to five working days, but we also offered the customer the option between a standard colour range and a customised colour on request.

The new showroom

A year later, the showroom was also in need of renovation. We decided to build it in such a way that the customer is immersed in our magical world of lighting while walking around. From bright spotlights to atmospheric luminaires that subtly but efficiently demand your attention.

The journey through the showroom ends right next to our offices where you can admire our garden luminaires, flanked by garden posts of all sizes. In the same year, we also expanded our warehouse to 10,000 m².

New website

In 2019 we invested in two new machines: a bending machine and a cutting machine. And so our atelier was once again extended with a new service. Thanks to these machines, we now control almost the entire production process ourselves.

Innovation also means digitisation. At the end of 2019, we launched our new website where we let you surf through a virtual showroom. You can find the necessary information about our products and with a simple click of the mouse you can immediately request a quote. In addition to the virtual platform, you can still visit our physical showroom in Aalter, where we are always at your service with advice and assistance.

New outdoor showroom

In 2020, we thought it was high time to refresh our outdoor showroom. We wanted our customers to experience the outdoors by adding more greenery and outdoor elements.

Did you know you can also visit our showroom virtually? Stroll through our showroom on your screen and discover what our renewed outdoor showroom looks like!

Click here for the virtual showroom.

30 years of psm

Psmlighting will blow out 30 candles in October 2022. As a brand, we are proud of our 100% Belgian production and the timeless designs we have created over the years. With all that experience under our belt, we are looking forward to what the future will bring. We hope that we can add another 30 years to the list!

The future

Innovation is in our DNA. That is why we do not just look forward to the future, we also bring future and modern innovations to the present, in our products. Together with our team, we continue to strive for quality products and a perfect balance between design and technology.