Every restaurant or bar has its own style and atmosphere. Whether it is minimalist, sober or very exuberant and warm, the lighting must fit in seamlessly with this atmosphere. This is also the case in Annex by Shamrock in Tielt. This tapas and wine bar is part of the Shamrock hotel/restaurant and should at all times be a homely and welcoming place for both hotel guests and other customers.

Creating a homely atmosphere with lighting

When you say hominess, in reference to Annex by Shamrock, you think of the colours black, white and gold. Since those were the colours we used most. In terms of light temperature, our choices also fluctuated around 2200 and 2700 Kelvin, which emits a warm colour that encourages relaxation.

The eye-catchers are our black glass Mona Lisa domes lined with gold leaf on the inside. These can be attached in two ways: as a pendant or directly to the ceiling. Since the ceiling is quite low here, we opted for the latter option. It also fits perfectly into the interior. The black Mona Lisas blend seamlessly into the black-painted ceiling. With our Maestros we opted for pendulums above the small and cosy tables. Forget dinner by candlelight. Here, you get tapas by Maestro light.

A clear view on the business

A tapas and wine bar, however, needs more than just conviviality. There should be enough light to admire the dishes and wines. This, in turn, is a task for the recessed spotlights. To prevent them from emitting light that is too cool, we used golden reflectors rather than the classic chrome-reflectors.

Because the interior of Annex by Shamrock is worth admiring in itself, we used Jacob spots. These subtly lead the attention to paintings and the wall decorations. The LED strips in the shelves, counter and wine cabinet serve the same purpose. Toasting at the bar is done under the charming Flou pendulums, which can also be mounted directly on the ceiling.

When reading this report, aside from an appetite for tapas, are you getting inspiration for your own lighting project? Then contact us via this form and we will look at your lighting plans together!

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