Kaleihoeve Bavikhove (BE)

In Bavikhove (BE) you can find the quietly situated Kaleihoeve. The completely renovated domain has a holiday home, B&B, event space and wellness. For the lighting of De Schuur - the event space - the owners chose lighting by psmlighting.

In the entrance hall of De Schuur, you are welcomed by our Polo wall fixtures in combination with the Maestro pendant lights. The black finish of the fixtures gives an industrial look to the space.

In the event hall itself, the owners opted for Mona Lisa ceiling lights. The different sizes were combined in threes to create more coherence. The interior finish in gold leaf gives a warm and luxurious feel to the carefully renovated barn. Cosiness guaranteed.

The Polo wall lights recur on the outside walls of the building. Around the entire barn, they create a cosy, rural atmosphere. The Polo range is also found at the covered terrace. The pendant lights continue the rural and slightly industrial style that is clearly noticeable everywhere on the farm. On top of that, the owners will be able to enjoy these fixtures for many years. They are made of stainless steel and have a high-quality powder-coating.

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