Kasteel Nobelstede (BE)

The lighting of restaurant Kasteel Nobelstede in Aalter (BE) was recently given a makeover. We had the opportunity to take care of the lighting plan. Together with the owners, we chose the appropriate lighting to strike a good balance between modern and classic.

The stately castle has a very classical appearance, which the owners wanted to break away from a bit. For the new lighting, they wanted a cheerful, modern perspective and therefore chose a combination of Angelo and Skivve pendant lights in different sizes. Both luminaires have a round design and complement each other perfectly.

In the central hallway that connects the rooms, you will find a combination of Angelo pendant lamps. They create a dreamy, warm atmosphere. In addition, the combination of colours provides a fresh touch in the restaurant. Our lighting experts suggested working with the colours sun gold, pastel copper and noble bronze, each with a matching textile cable.

The Angelo pendants can also be found in various other rooms, as well as the Skivve pendant lamps. We suggested combining these pendant lights in noble bronze with the inside in sun gold. This not only creates a luxurious look, but also a warm glow throughout the room.

In the veranda overlooking the garden, there is naturally a lot of daylight. But in the evening, you dine comfortably under the Tubo ceiling lights in sun gold. You feel like you're under the stars!

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