Offices Batsleer

The offices of construction company Batsleer NV is extremely sleek and modern. For offices, it is very important to have sufficient lumen so that the employees can work efficiently. Our Times led lines is the perfect custom made lighting for this.

To break up the white landscape, we opted for black profiles above the desks and in the meeting rooms. The Fixer built-up spotlights in turn provide additional light and accentuate the wall decoration where necessary.

Times is a versatile luminaire and can be mounted in any position. In the concrete staircase, for example, it was installed vertically from top to bottom.

In the CEO’s office we also placed an additional James floor lamp. No more excuse for not being able to read the tiny letters on a contract.

Do you also have an office building where the lighting could use a refresher? Contact us via this form for more information.

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