Working in style, that's what you do at Blackboxx in Bruges. These co-working spaces are ultra-modern and cleanly decorated with black and white as central colours. The whole building contains offices, meeting rooms, a bar and even a beautiful industrial loft.

In office spaces it is extremely important to have enough and efficient light. We took care of that with our Times LED profiles that smoothly blend into the white ceiling. The profiles provide more than enough lumen and are the perfect lighting for offices and meeting rooms.

Through the corridors you are guided by the Flou built-up luminaires. They do their job well as extra lighting where needed. In the staircase of the office areas hang the rail systems with directional Mero spotlights. These can be adjusted at any time, because you can simply move the spotlights on the rail.

The bar is pleasantly dark and you can admire our rail system with Mero spotlights there as well. Then in black. The rail is almost invisible on the black ceiling and the spots illuminate the bar in a very discreet way.

The industrial and sleek style is also fully extended in the loft. Above the seating area a rail with Mero spotlights brings atmosphere and cosiness. Plus: setting up your interior differently is no problem at all, the spotlights can simply change with it. In this way, every corner is always perfectly illuminated. In the kitchen, in the bathroom and on the terrace, you'll also find the Flou luminaires that have been matched to the colour of the ceiling.

Are you looking for timeless lighting for your own project? Contact us via this formand we will discuss the possibilities together.

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