Notariskantoor Aalter

A stylishly renovated mansion requires appropriate lighting. This notary's office breathes class and we have based our lighting on that.

In the conference room, our Stella Line steals the show. The profile combines the Times Grid modules with Capa X spotlights with 700lm LED. The custom-made profile ensures a clear view of the proceedings.

In the office itself a three-phase track was installed on which the Capa X spots are again mounted. To give the whole a homely touch, we added the Moby floor and table lamp covered with gold leaf. This provides a warm glow throughout the office. Jacob spots on Juba base were chosen as accent lighting on the wall in the seating area.

The same rails and Capa X spotlights can also be found in the sleek and modern hallway. The rails were mounted lengthwise to accentuate the long corridor. Our James floor lamp provides the waiting area with extra atmosphere.  Throughout the entire building, the Luxor recessed spotlight with Xicato LED provides general lighting in various rooms.

Do you have a unique project in prospect? Then do not forget to provide the appropriate lighting. Contact us for more information.

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