Practice Valerie Anckaert

Practice Valerie Anckaert

Anyone who thought that a practice for physical therapy and osteopathy would be boring, thought wrong. In this practice you get your sessions under psmlighting illumination. In the practice rooms themselves there was a need for efficient light. Our Times LED lines are the ideal option for this. The Stella profile with Jacob spotlights provide additional light where necessary. For example, they illuminate the artworks in the waiting room very beautifully.

In one of the rooms there was only one light point, but the Stiletto is the perfect custom solution for that. This system connects different lighting fixtures, so that one light point is sufficient. As a result, we were able to provide both the desk and the work bench in the room with sufficient light.

In the staircase it could be just a little more and the client opted for a golden touch in the interior. A brass ceiling base with a combination of our Moby collection welcomes you into the entrance hall of the practice.

Do you also have a practice that needs efficient but at the same time sleek lighting? Contact us for more information via this form.

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