Saelens Vandenberghe

One of the biggest difficulties for office lighting is that on one hand it has to be efficient and sufficient. On the other hand it is important that the light colour isn’t to cold so there can be an enjoyable atmosphere at work. At Saelens – Vandenberge we tried to combine these two elements as good as possible.

Times profiles in the offices

In the offices and the meeting rooms, we opted for the Times profiles. The black profiles form a beautiful whole with the black windows. The profiles provide enough light to be able to work efficiently. In the meeting rooms, we hang them diagonally, which gives a playful touch to the space. It doesn’t always have to be sleek and straight.

Moby and Maestro for a warm atmosphere

In order to create a warm atmosphere in the sleek and modern interior, we suspended the Moby fixture in the stairwell. The Maestro also creates a homely feeling in the office. These two pendent lamps form a beautiful whole with the wooden accents in the interior. They also form a nice contrast with the sleek and modern design of the offices.

Accent lighting

The Fixer spotlights serve as accent lighting. These are powerful spotlights that, even in the darkest corners, provide enough light. They are equipped with the Xicato LED module, which means they can burn the entire day without any problems. The Monet Carré, with a simple and sleek design, is installed in the kitchen. This fixture can illuminate the entire room with just one light point.


When lighting specific spaces, the 'lux' concept, also called illuminance, is taken into account. It indicates how much light falls on a surface. A standard value of 500 lux applies to office lighting.

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