Carpentry Schotte

Carpentry Schotte in Ruiselede (BE) came to us to work out a lighting plan for their new offices. The most important aspect of office lighting is efficient and sufficient lighting. A beautiful design on top is always a nice bonus and we understood that very well at psmlighting.

In the office spaces, we proposed to work with our Times profiles. Together, we opted for double LED lines that shine both upwards and downwards. This way, there is not only direct lighting on the desks but also indirect lighting towards the high ceilings.

As general lighting throughout the building, we opted for Luxor recessed spotlights. On the advice of our lighting consultant, they were fitted with a 3000lm LED module to provide plenty of light from the high ceilings.

For the reception area we produced a huge tailor made design. The managers wanted to create an eye-catcher that was in line with the clean and modern interior of the building. The long tubes of no less than 2m, 2.5m and 3m in length were fully customised and fitted with the same 3000lm LED modules as the Luxor recessed spotlights.

Would you also like to equip your office building with efficient design lighting? Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities tailored to your building.