Studieburo Goegebeur Aalter

In June 2021, engineering office Goegebeur moved into their new premises in Aalter. The managers wanted to continue the sleek look and feel of the offices in the lighting, and that is why they came to psmlighting.

In the entrance hall, a combination of led lines was created. Due to the special installation profiles for gyproc ceilings, there is a seamless transition between the led lines and the ceiling themselves. A sleek design to accentuate the length of the room.

The showpiece of the office is the modern conference room that already attracts attention from the street. Above the long table, you will find our Jacob pendants. At the request of the managers, these were shortened to 15 cm. In addition, there was a conscious decision to hang the pendants separately and randomly in the room to create a playful and dynamic effect.

In the offices themselves, efficient and sufficient light was very important. In order to achieve a pleasant and bright workplace, we proposed our Times profiles. These luminaires are equipped with LEDs with a high lumen value and are therefore extremely suitable for offices. Our Times profiles can be found above every desk.

In order to provide additional lighting for the cabinets, we opted together with the customer for 3-phase tracks with Capa X directional spotlights. The advantage of the rail system is that the spotlights can be changed location at any time.

In the staff kitchen, the managers wanted to create a more convivial atmosphere. Above the table hangs our combination of Manon pendants with glasses in steel colour. An LED line in the wall shelf and Mero SLA ceiling fittings were provided as additional lighting.

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