Apartment Knokke

The owners of this residential apartment in Knokke (BE) approached us to draw up a lighting plan for their new home. Our lighting consultant went to work and integrated all the wishes of the customers into the final proposal.

The Equal Click System can be found throughout the entire house. This innovative system consists of a whole series of recessed spotlights that merge seamlessly into the ceiling. No more visible edges and rings. In the kitchen, living room, bedroom and toilet, the owners opted for the e-click Anna with fixed LED module. The e-click Aqua was installed in the bathroom. This spotlight is fitted with a glass in front of the light source so that no water can penetrate into the device. A final product we used from the Equal Click collection is the e-click Reza, a recessed base for surface-mounted spotlights with a seamless edge.

In the living room, in addition to the Equal Click system, you will also find our Jacob spotlights. These emphasise the painting and the walls and thus serve as accent lighting in the room. Above the dining table hangs a combination of Mero pendants with Moby Deco pendant lights. Together, this forms a sleek and cosy whole that fits in perfectly with the interior. As a final addition, the owners opted for a James floor lamp in the sitting area.

On the upper floor, there is both a workspace and a relaxation area. In a workspace, efficient and sufficient light is very important. Therefore, we suggested rails here with the Capa X that is equipped with a fixed and powerful LED module. The advantage of track systems is that you can change the spots at any time. For the relaxation area, the owners had a striking wish: they wanted hanging lamps above the pool table that had the same colours as the table itself. In this case, we suggested the Shake pendant, which was painted in a RAL colour both on the inside and the outside. The outside matches the dark grey construction of the table and the inside matches the orange-red cloth of the pool table. A beautiful and subtle detail. In addition, in this room you will again find Jacob spotlights as accent lighting and our Equal Click Tubes.

As icing on the cake, we provided several places in the apartment with custom-made LED lines. LED lines always give a subtle touch to the whole and create accents where needed. They recur in the sitting area, kitchen and kitchenette.

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