Apartment Aalter (BE)

For the lighting of their brand new flat, the owners came to psmlighting. We drew up a lighting plan according to their style and the needs of the different rooms. The result is a sleek, modern look with a playful twist.

When entering the room, you are immediately welcomed by the Shake ceiling fixture that also lights the stairs. Further into the sitting area, it is Flex that catches the eye. The name says it all, but this fixture has three flexible arms that can be positioned in any direction. A playful touch in the modern setting. The black finish of the fittings also goes perfectly with the black metal staircase.

In the kitchen, clean lines play the leading role. Above the kitchen island with adjoining table, we chose a monorail in black. Above the sink, we suggested using directional Capa X AC spotlights. These spotlights have a powerful LED of 700lm, which more than adequately illuminates the work surface. For the table area, the owners wanted to make it a little cosier and opted for Iconic pendant lights. The conical shape matches that of the Shake in the entrance hall.

Finally, the same Capa X AC spotlight as in the kitchen was used in the guest toilet.

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