Bathroom and dressing Tielt (BE)

For many, the bathroom is a place in the house where you can fully relax. A warm bath after a cold day or a relaxing shower, it can be a real pleasure. And this works even better in a cosy bathroom with the right lighting.

The owners of this house wanted to create a soothing environment with subtle lighting. We recommended the Cameleon recessed spotlights with Xicato LED. In this way, a high lumen value could be achieved with a minimum of spots. In the shower we proposed the same Cameleon, but with a protective plexi for the LED, so that it is protected against moisture.

Together with the customer, we opted to use the same spotlights in the spacious dressing room and the toilet. In this way, a unity is created throughout the different rooms. In addition, LED lines were fitted in the cupboards of the dressing room.

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