Residential flat Gent (BE)

On behalf of Atmos interior (interior architecture firm in Flanders), we drew up a lighting plan for this newly renovated flat in Ghent. The modern and pure interior style is reflected in the lighting.

Above the kitchen island hangs a custom-made Stella Line. The choice was made to provide the profile entirely in black. The profile is equipped with 4 groups of recessed spotlights, with the group above the table area standing out. This gives a subtle but playful touch to the austere luminaire.

Furthermore, our Angelo pendant plays a prominent role in the flat. For the sitting area, we opted for an interplay of different diameters with different types of lamps. This creates a nice dynamic in the space and is the eye-catcher of the flat. The same pendant lamps are also found in the entrance hall and the bedrooms as bedside lamps.

Additional functional light throughout the flat is provided by the Koza recessed spotlights with LED. These were deliberately chosen in black to form a stark contrast with the white ceiling. In addition, you will also find our Equal surface-mounted lighting in one of the bathrooms.

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