Luxury flat Nieuwpoort (BE)

In collaboration with interior designer Vincent Vangheluwe, we drew up a custom lighting plan for this luxury flat in Nieuwpoort (BE). Two fixtures feature prominently throughout the flat: Jacob and Stiletto.

In the living room, we proposed the Jacob spotlights. These provide sufficient light in the room, can be dimmed to create atmosphere and are also perfect for accent lighting on the wall. The same Jacob spots are used in the toilet, the stairwell and the bedroom with attached bathroom. In the latter rooms, we opted for white luminaires instead of black ones. Especially in the bedroom, the lighting should not draw all the attention to itself. That attention is given to the beautiful view on the sea. Depending on the room, psmlighting not only considers the function, but also the integration into the interior and the environment.

In the kitchen, dining room and office, we chose the Stiletto system together with the client. With this system, you connect different luminaires with each other. In this way, only one light point is needed. In the kitchen and the office, we proposed the powerful Zia spotlights. They provide more than enough light where needed. Above the dining table, we combined the system with Mero and Moby Opal pendant lamps.

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