Renovated farmhause Adinkerke (BE)

This old farmhouse has been properly renovated by its new owners, who have turned it into a beautiful home. For the lighting, they called us in to design a suitable lighting plan that was tailored to the renovation plans.

The inside of the farmhouse was transformed into a sleek, modern, yet warm interior. Both above the dining table and in the sitting area, we opted for Jacob pendants. For the seating area, we provided longer textile cables to guide the pendants along the wooden frame down into the room. The whole is very harmonious and subtle. The seating area was further complemented by Jacob spotlights on the wooden beams as accent lighting.

In the relaxation room, the pool table is the central element. Here, our Maestro for Shade with large lampshades ensure that you cannot miss the ball. The golden inside of the lampshades also gives a more exclusive touch to the room.

One of the old barns was given a completely new purpose. The owners have created an oasis of relaxation with a spacious indoor pool. In humid rooms it is important that the lighting is adjusted accordingly. That is what we did with our Jacob spotlights. They were anodised so that the housing cannot rust due to contact with moisture and possible chlorine.

For the outer walls, the owners opted for the Polo collection. They perfectly fit in with the rural atmosphere of the farmstead. Four different models of wall luminaires were combined across the entire estate.

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