Private home Knokke

To provide their new home with the appropriate lighting, the owners came to psmlighting. Together with them, we started looking at the possibilities. We examined the rooms in detail and chose the appropriate fixtures according to the interior style and the wishes of the owners.

The living room, kitchen and dining room together form one large room and flow into each other. For this reason, we chose the same type of recessed downlights along the entire room. To keep the lighting as subtle as possible, we proposed our innovative Equal Click System. The collection consists of seamless recessed downlights that merge discreetly into the ceiling. In addition to the recessed spotlights, we opted for Jacob surface-mounted spotlights in the living room. These elegant luminaires are the perfect accent lighting. In addition, the spots can also be directed, so that no corner remains unexposed.

Above the dining table, the owners wanted a refined eye-catcher. The Moby pendant lights with hand-blown glass were a match made in heaven. The owners chose the bronze glasses, which go very well with the wooden elements in the furniture. As a basis for the pendant lights, we opted for the Mini Click System with the e-minireza. The entire room radiates warmth and cosiness.

In the bedroom with adjoining bathroom, the owners opted for Koza downlights with Xicato LED. In order to withstand the humidity in the shower, we fitted the spotlights with an additional glass so that moisture could not penetrate into the luminaire. The black colour of the downlights matches the black taps and shower in the bathroom. 

Finally, there is also the basement floor. This room serves as a multi-purpose hobby room, but is no less stylish for that. Here, our Betaplus ceiling lights provide the necessary light. The black surface-mounted luminaires were grouped in pairs to give more cachet to the room.

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