Private home Oostduinkerke

A while ago, the owners came to psmlighting to work out a lighting plan for their newly built house in Oostduinkerke. The style was immediately clear: sleek, modern and minimalist. The lighting therefore had to merge into the space as much as possible, with a striking accent here and there.

In the hall, they chose the Maestro pendant lamp on a round base. You can clearly see it hanging from the outside and it gives guests a warm welcome when they enter the house. The same type of luminaire was also used in the dining room. There you will find the Maestro on a rectangular base.

To provide the house with functional light, the owners opted for our Convertible System on the ground floor. This system allows you to combine recessed bases with a wide range of recessed cassettes. As a basis, they resolutely opted for the square Singlebase that fits in perfectly with the modern look of the house. They combined this base with the Bomba cassette in the hall, the Cambio cassette in the living room and the Jojo cassette in the kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen was further completed with a Times LED profile.

In addition, the owners wanted to provide their home with extra ambient lighting by means of hidden LED lines. These were placed in the kitchen and living area along the large windows to further accentuate the long distances. Due to their tactical positioning behind the curtains, they also illuminate the house and terrace from within in the evening. The LED lines recur on the upper floor in the two bathrooms. There, waterproof strips were provided for installation in the shower and above the bathtub. All LED lines were fully custom-made.

Contrary to the lighting downstairs, the owners opted for round recessed spotlights with Koza on the first floor. In this model, the light source lies a little deeper and the spotlight has a very fine, clean edge. The spotlights are used in the night hall and in all three bedrooms. In the master bedroom, however, they wanted something more, so the owners added our Ontario wall lights on each side of the bed for extra ambient lighting.

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