Luxurious apartment Knokke (BE)

A stylish apartment requires stylish lighting. For this reason, the owner of this newly built apartment in Knokke came to us.

By lack of sufficient light points in the kitchen and living room, we had the idea to compose a Stella Line that completely continues and connects both spaces in an elegant way. The profile was designed and produced 100% tailor-made for this project. The largest part of the profile is fitted with small spotlights grouped in groups of 3. In the kitchen, more light was needed and we proposed to incorporate a LED line in the same profile.

Above the dining table, our Hula Hoop pendant lamp immediately commands all attention. The groups of three reappear here too and form a beautiful ensemble with the Stella Line profile.

LED lines are used throughout the entire apartment. In the living room, they serve as accent lighting to create a cosy atmosphere. In the hall and the kitchen, the LED lines mainly have a functional purpose. At psmlighting, our lighting consultants are perfectly aware of the different types and strengths. This way, they can perfectly advise the customer which type of LED line can be used in which room.

Are you planning a residential project as well? Do not hesitate to contact us for professional lighting advice.

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