Private home Destelbergen (BE)

The least you can say about this house is that it is a very successful renovation project. As the icing on the cake, it was also finished with lighting by psmlighting.

In the entrance hall, the love of the owners for art is immediately apparent. The appropriate lighting for illuminating art is a track system combined with surface mounted spots. In this case we chose the Capa X. The stark contrast between the white rails and the black spots immediately sets the tone for the minimalist interior style of the house.

The same rails can be found in the living room, where again a lot of works of art have been placed. The great advantage of rails is that you can change the position of the spotlights at any time. If the owners make changes to their art collection, they can immediately adjust the lighting accordingly. In this room, too, our Capa X directional spotlights are mounted on the rails.

A real eye-catcher in the living room is the wooden frame that reaches high up into the ridge. To make the massive wooden beams stand out beautifully in the room, we suggested the Retro luminaire.

In the kitchen, the owners wanted to add a golden touch. What immediately catches the eye is the golden tap, but a more subtle golden touch can be found in our Cameleon ceiling lights. The inside of the tubes is also finished in a golden look. To add even more functional light to the kitchen, we suggested the Times LED, a sleek LED profile running the entire length of the kitchen counter.

The Capa X spotlights can be found again in the night hall on the first floor. In the bedrooms we opted for powerful Mero spotlights mounted on a Juba ceiling base. The perfect solution for illuminating rooms at the ridge of the roof.

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