Modern kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. And rightly so, because in this house it has become a cosy place to spend time with the whole family. We were asked to provide the appropriate lighting.

At the dining table, the owners wanted a playful combination of pendants. For this, we put our Spazio luminaires forward. These were randomly arranged above the table and form a dynamic whole. The pendant lamps are equipped with a powerful, dimmable LED. Perfect for spaces where different moods need to be created.

Above the kitchen counter itself, a lot of light is no luxury. Here we suggested working with a customised Stella Line profile with integrated Times LED above the sink. On one side, Jacob spots were added to illuminate the cabinets and the fridge. On the other side, Zia LED spots provide extra lighting. In addition, LED lines were built in at various places, including the shelves.

As a finishing touch, you will find a pleasant duo on the wall. The George wall lights bring atmosphere and are a nice accent on the white wall.

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