Modern rustic kitchen

A tailor-made kitchen requires tailor-made lighting. At psmlighting, we are fully aware of that. For this modern rustic kitchen, our lighting advisors developed a Stella Line based on the cooking island. The length of the profile completely matches the length of the kitchen worktop.

In addition, the cooking island has two functions: on the one hand, there is the dining table, and on the other, the section with the sink. This division is also reflected in the Stella Line profile. Above the table, the owners chose Spazio pendants. We suggested painting them gold on the inside to create a warm atmosphere that goes with the wood of the wall cabinets. Above the sink, we always suggest our Zia spotlights. These small but powerful downlights emit sufficient light and are at their best when combined in groups of three.

The Stella Line is therefore at home in all markets and can easily combine cosiness and functionality. Are you also looking for a system that can be customised to your interior? Contact us for more information.

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