Modern villa

A newly built house requires an appropriate lighting plan. For this house, we worked together with the owners to provide their new home with lighting that suits their needs and their interior.

When they visited our showroom, the tubes of the Equal Click System immediately caught their eye. These have a sleek and modern design, but at the same time add a playful accent to the whole. The tubes recur throughout the house. In the living room and the kitchen, they chose a golden interior, which creates a warm atmosphere. In other areas, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms, they opted for completely black luminaires.

The same Equal Click luminaires were used for the outdoor lighting on the balcony. To make the tubes resistant to all weather conditions, we had the luminaires anodised for extra protection.

The kitchen is the central place in the house. Here, the owners wanted to create a cosy place for the whole family. Above the kitchen counter with adjoining dining table, we proposed our Stella Line. We made this profile completely to measure with integrated Times LED. Above the table, the owners chose Mona Lisa pendants with gold leaf. The golden inside of the pendants goes together with the Equal tubes that were mounted around them as extra lighting.

In the master bedroom, you will find our Flex Little James bedside lamps next to the bed. With their handy flexible arm, they are very practical and easily adjustable. In addition, we suggested built-in LED lines as ambient lighting.

As icing on the cake, we also provided a built-in LED line at the front door. This fits perfectly with the clean lines of the modern house.

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