Private home Waarschoot (BE)

This private house is illuminated inside and out by psmlighting. The house has a very rural character and a warm style in which our lighting creates a very atmospheric setting.

Outside you will be welcomed by the Mauro wall fixtures that subtly show you the way from the driveway to the front door. In the entrance hall you walk further under the Cameleon recessed spotlights. This brings you to the spacious and imposing staircase hall where our Polo wall light illuminates the stairs at night.

In the living room with open kitchen there is a high ceiling finished with rustic wooden beams. The high ridge makes it difficult to provide lighting from the ceiling above the dining table. That's why we developed a custom made construction above the dining table with Tavolo fixtures. In the kitchen the same problem arose above the counter top and here too a special construction of the Polo pendants offered the solution. The ridge itself is discreetly illuminated in several places with adjustable Jacob spotlights.

Above the salon we opted for the Stiletto system. Handy fact: this system connects several lighting fixtures, so only one light point is needed. Here, too, we integrated the elegant Jacob spotlights in order to maintain a beautiful whole throughout the entire living room.

The warm and rustic atmosphere is also continued on the upper floor in the bedroom. Here we used our Volta wall and ceiling fixtures. On the one hand as a flexible bedside lamp and on the other hand as lighting to accentuate the ceiling with again the wooden beams.

Do you have a similar project that requires customised lighting? Then don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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