Residential apartment at Aalter

The owners of Wille Fietsen (bicycles) called us in to illuminate their new apartment. The light points were already fixed and, as is common with apartments, everything had to be done with surface-mounted fixtures. The apartment is modern, but it still has a cosy atmosphere. So, we tried to create this impression with our lighting as well.

Luxor, Clara and Betaplus: build-up at its best

The high-quality Luxor with Xicato LED module features in the living room and the kitchen. These provide sufficient light, even if there is only one light point. The Luxor is dimmable and adjustable. In addition, the light quality is very good. The Clara pendent was chosen as a showpiece above the dining table. It nicely fills the room and subtly catches the eye. The fixture fits perfectly in any interior, including this modern apartment. The entrance and hall are illuminated with the Betaplus. With its sleek design, this simple block blends seamlessly into the ceiling.

The perfect bedroom lighting

In the bedroom, we opted for the little Capa reading lamps next to the bed enabling the owners to still read a book in the evening before falling asleep. The Jacobine spotlight is installed in the ceiling. Both fixtures can be pointed in any direction, guaranteeing optimum comfort.

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