Private home Nieuwpoort

The owners of this private home clearly opted for a Scandinavian and minimalist interior. The open spaces and the matching interior radiate peace and simplicity. These were the two key words we kept in mind when making the lighting plan. The lighting had to blend into the interior without attracting too much attention. Indirect lighting was therefore very important in this project.

In the living room we opted for the Yoko recessed spotlights with a fixed LED module. In these spots, the lamp lies a little deeper, so that the light does not shine directly into the eyes. Because of the large windows in the room, there is already a lot of natural light in the house. So the spotlights had to be positioned exactly where they were needed. We also added a number of in-ground spotlights. These mainly shine on the wall in order to create indirect lighting.

Above the dining table in the kitchen, the owners once again opted for simplicity. The Maestro Spin pendant luminaire blends in perfectly with the white interior and the lamps create a magical atmosphere at the table. On request, this pendant lamp was lacquered in RAL 9001.

The custom-made profile with LED that subtly attracts all the attention in the stairwell provides indirect lighting in the open space via the ridge. An extra dark corner in the night hall is subtly illuminated by our George wall light. In the bedroom and bathroom we opted for the Jacob surface-mounted spotlights in white. We focused these on the white walls and provide more than enough light in both rooms.

Quietly reading a book or resting for a while, the owners do so with the James standing lamp at their side. Here too, we opted for a white version to continue the trend throughout the house.

Last but not least there was the garage with a beautiful Mercedes oldtimer as showpiece. Of course it deserved a spot in the spotlights. Here we proposed to install built-in LED lines between the slots of the concrete ceiling for efficient lighting.

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