Residential home Aalter (BE)

When building a new house, a lighting plan is a very important component. The owners of this house had definitely noticed that. They came to us for professional lighting advice for their entire house.

In the kitchen, the kitchen island is illuminated by a customised Stella Line. The profile was equipped with various groups of spotlights above the countertop, and above the dining table the owners opted for Spazio pendants with Xicato LED. As extra lighting around the island on the cupboards and walls, we proposed directional Jacob spots. Even in the cooker hood you can find psm fixtures. For this, we chose our Nora DC spotlights with a current-controlled LED.

The kitchen continues into the living room which is divided into two spaces. The first room contains the dining table. Here the owners wanted to keep it sober with a playful touch. That is why we combined the Cameleon recessed spots with Pivot Xicato directional spots. The Pivots shine on the wood-look wall, which provides a very cosy indirect light. This indirect light is also reflected in the bar cabinet where the shelves are accentuated by LED lines.

The second room is the sitting area with accompanying desk. Here, the Cameleon surface-mounted luminaires were grouped in pairs. The choice of black luminaires with golden inserts breaks up the white ceiling and creates a lot of atmosphere. To read a book in the armchair the owners have James by their side. The wall at the desk is accentuated with Jacob spotlights.

The owners wanted to keep the night hall and children's rooms sober. The Cameleon recessed spotlights are used here. Along the bed in the children's room, a LED line was installed as extra lighting. The master bedroom could be a bit more. The Pivot recessed spotlights were used to add a playful touch. The walls are also accented by long LED lines. The same elements recur in the bathroom. For general lighting, they also opted for Cameleon recessed spotlights and extra lighting for the mirror is provided by a powerful LED line.

In the basement, they created a complete relaxation area with a spacious bar. As accent lighting on the wall, the owners chose the Ensor Xicato. In combination with the wood-look wall covering, a cosy atmosphere is created. Above the bar, they wanted to have a nice eye-catcher and they were immediately hooked when they saw the Moby pendants with gold leaf. At the owners' request, they were made with a fixed rod. The pendants are accompanied on both sides by a pair of Cameleon surface-mounted luminaires.

Last but not least, the owners also created a studio above the garage. The sloping ceiling was not ideal, but psmlighting had a solution for that as well. The adjustable Pivot Xicato spotlights are perfectly suited and provide functional light above the dining table.

Do you have building plans in prospect? Contact us in time for the development of a professional lighting plan.

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