Villa Kortrijk

The common theme of this villa is sobriety. Every room in the house radiates tranquillity, partly due to the frequent use of organic round shapes. In consultation with the client, we drew up a lighting plan for this house with the accent on subtlety with an occasional accent that jumps out at you.

3 full-fledged floors

The house has a ground floor and first floor, but also a spacious basement. The owners found it very important to consider the basement as a full floor. This is where, among other things, the laundry room is located. It is lit by our Cameleon recessed spotlights. In the adjoining room with sofas and extra storage room at the back door, the Pivot spotlights are a subtle eye-catcher.

A playful touch with Pivot

Pivot is known for giving a fun twist to an interior without being too conspicuous. That is why the collection was so popular with the owners of this house. The Pivot spotlights are therefore prominent on the ground floor. An interplay of different lengths forms a dynamic whole in the entrance hall. In the sitting area, they are grouped in pairs, which creates a quieter impression. So you see that the Pivot can be used for various applications, but always provides that playful touch in any room.

The powerful functionality of Cameleon

Whereas Pivot was used to create accents, Cameleon was integrated into the lighting plan in rooms where functionality was particularly important. From this perspective, we opted for the option of Xicato LED with 1300lm per spotlight. The Cameleon spotlights can be found throughout the house as well as in the bathrooms upstairs. To break through the sobriety in the stairwell, the owners opted for a combination of Maestro pendant lights as a sober eye-catcher.

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