Beau Monde Fashion

In April 2022, the ever-smiling Amelia made her big dream come true. She opened her own clothing shop after having run a webshop for several years. For the lighting of her new shop, she came to psmlighting.

An important point when lighting clothing is the CRI value, which indicates how realistic a light source reproduces colours. Here we chose a high quality LED with CRI95. So the clothing always looks colourful under the custom-made spotlights.

The spotlights can be found throughout the entire shop and are mounted on three-phase tracks. The advantage of this is that they can be switched at any time if the interior changes.

Above the counter, Amelia and interior designer Laura Calleeuw chose a combination of Manon pendants. The glass pendants catch the eye immediately upon entering the shop and fit perfectly into the modern interior. Moreover, the Manon luminaires can also be found in the fitting rooms.

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