Psm says it with flowers

For the Onverbloemd flower shop, we worked together with Saai Interieur (interior design) and Van Driessche electricity works. In the colourful flower shop, the client wanted to keep the lighting subtle. After all, the flowers bring all the necessary colour into the shop and customers want to see those flowers in their original “natural” (which is the literal meaning of ‘onverbloemd’) colour. So, one of our main priorities was the CRI value with which we indicate how truthfully a light source represents its surroundings. Daylight has a maximum value of 100. In Onverbloemd, we opted for a value of 95.

Small yet beautiful

The flower shop is quite compact. So, the challenge was to get everything right, down to the last millimetre. In the shop, for example, is a large holder for cut flowers that immediately catches the eye. Above this feature we worked with the Times profile controlled at 325mA. Since we were able to install the drivers in the fuse box, we opted for the lower version. The minimalist profile was finished to the same length as the feature below. As a result, both installations form a perfect whole.

The racks against the walls are filled with different pot plants. We placed our Mero spots strategically in such a way that they automatically lead the customers’ eyes to the pieces.

This project shows that even in a smaller environment, the specific characteristics of a space and the interior can be fully appreciated with the right lighting.

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