1492/.. - TORPEDO

Technical information

Use type
Fixation type
Directional type
directional in vertical plane
375x200x85 mm
Type of opening
Aperture dimensions Ø2x180 mm
Installation depth
100 mm
Centre distance
[175] mm
IP protection rating IP20
Spring type S2
Torpedo is a range of built in or built up directional wall and ceiling lights, designed especially for shops and shop windows. The single Torpedo comes in different versions: only QR111 or CDM-R111 or a combination of QR111 or CDM-R111 with a 3W powerled. The double version offers those same choices. Following the way you want to mount Torpedo onto the wall or the ceiling, there is a choice between a built in and a built up model without transformer or gear, or a built up model that includes the necessary transformer and gear. Torpedo offers maximum functionality to its users: the CDM-R or QR111 will be switched on during the day while as the LED will illuminate the same space at night, without causing enormous energy bills. The use of the LEDs at night is twofold: it will provide you with a feeling of security knowing your shop or shop window is indeed lit and it will catch the eye of passers by even if it is still dark. Do notice that the light bulb and the LED can never be switched on together, because of the risk of overheating the luminaire.

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