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PSM Lighting


A sustainable future in which well-being, beauty, sustainability, and environmental awareness go hand in hand, that's what psmlighting ensures every day.

We aim for a circular economy, which is an economic system in which products, materials, and resources are designed, used, and reused to minimize waste and promote sustainability.It's about closing the loop, where products at the end of their lifespan are recycled or reused, instead of being thrown away.

Circular economy

A sustainable future in which well-being, beauty, sustainability, and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, that's what psmlighting ensures every day.

With our environmentally conscious and ecological investments, we aim to create an effective impact. This means, first and foremost, focusing on renewable energy such as solar panels and the correct sorting, recycling, processing, or reusing of materials. By doing so, we reduce the ecological footprint of our designer lighting and contribute to a cleaner world.

But we do more. Our efforts to use certified materials, environmentally friendly packaging materials, and collaborations with regional suppliers reduce the amount of waste and CO2 emissions and stimulate the local economy.

Together with our employees, suppliers, and customers, we strive every day for an environmentally friendly and socially responsible society. We join forces, encourage innovation, and move towards an ecological future.

We extend our efforts into a concrete action plan, which we are pleased to highlight here in 8 points:


THE SUN, our source of energy

By opting for more than 300 solar panels, we have made the production process of our designer lighting much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Solar panels significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and decrease our ecological footprint. They provide sustainable and renewable energy and independence from traditional energy sources.

Sorting, Recycling, and Waste Prevention

We installed our own waste and container park: this way, we can sort and recycle more efficiently, and certified companies can correctly collect and process our waste. We limit production surpluses to a minimum to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

With our machinery, we can ideally divide raw materials to create as little waste as possible. If we do end up with a piece of waste, we consider whether we can make something else out of it. With the laser cutter, it's possible to laser very small pieces from leftovers of sheets.


Designer Lighting,

Creating sustainable lighting requires a broad ecological perspective. At psmlighting, we have been working with the highest quality materials for years to prevent premature wear and aging of our products, extend their lifespan, and minimize the frequency of replacement. We focus on demountable lighting to simplify the sorting and recycling of parts. The result: less waste, promotion of the circular economy, and a smaller impact on natural resources.


Copper, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Copper is cold bendable and easy to process. It is a beautiful material with a vibrant color and a very long lifespan.

Stainless steel is a durable material that even has an extra-long lifespan when used outdoors.

Aluminum profiles have many advantages:

  • Easy processing and assembly

  • Simple maintenance

  • Good heat dissipation

  • Long lifespan

  • Low weight

The production requires a lot of energy, but psmlighting found a solution for that. We only use certified aluminum profiles with specific requirements regarding the origin of the material. This ensures the use of renewable energy sources in production, reduces the CO2 impact by 40% compared to the European average, and the climate impact is 78% lower than the global average for aluminum blocks. A win-win situation for quality and nature.


LED LAMPS, obviously

LED lamps are full of ecological and economic benefits. They are:

  • Energy-saving and efficient

  • Better recyclable

  • Emit less CO2 during production

  • Continuously innovated

  • Easy to replace, even by the customer at home

Lichtstudie en energie-efficientie

We use energy sparingly by placing lighting thoughtfully. Through light management and intelligent solutions, we limit energy consumption and enhance comfort and ambiance. Our light studies, conducted by a professional lighting planner, map out where natural light and direct or indirect artificial light complement each other. This way, we can reduce energy consumption without compromising on comfort.



More environmentally friendly and safer.

Powder coating is an attractive choice for a wide range of applications, especially where durability and environmental friendliness are important.

  • Powder coatings do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs in liquid coatings evaporate during the drying process and contribute to air pollution and can pose health risks to humans and the environment.

  • In powder coating, the excess powder is collected and reused, resulting in less waste than traditional liquid coatings.

  • Energy-saving: powder coating can be performed at lower temperatures than traditional coatings. This saves energy.

  • Powder coatings are generally more durable and last longer, which means that objects need to be recoated less frequently.


That's stylish.

Psmlighting consciously distances itself from plastic as packaging material.
We opt for alternative and sustainable materials with a smaller environmental impact, such as recycled paper, paper tape, and cardboard boxes. Logical, when you consider how many packages we send out per day. But we do more: our outer packaging consists of at least 50% recycled cardboard, and our inner packaging consists of at least 30% recycled material. We package our products with an innovative and ecological approach, without compromising on their protection during transport.


That's sustainability too.

At psmlighting, safety comes first. We produce responsibly and safely with the health and well-being of our employees as the highest priority.
We equip our workshops with advanced safety features and adhere to strict protocols. That's just logical.
We continuously invest in training and awareness, in an inclusive and family-like atmosphere. No wonder many of our employees stay with our team for a long time.


Local production. 100% BELGIAN

Sustainable business also means local production.
In our workshop in Aalter (Belgium), we ensure quality close to home. By avoiding unnecessary distances, we reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and decrease our ecological footprint. We consciously select materials, limit long-distance transport, and continuously innovate the production process.

Moreover, we only produce a product when it is ordered. This prevents unnecessary production and reduces material consumption.