Standby power

Standby power is the electricity a device consumes in standby mode. Think, for example, of your television or modem. These always consume small quantities of power, but many devices together can absorbe a lot of energy on an annual basis.

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Connecting pillar

A connecting pillar offers the solution for those who want access to the power grid anywhere in their garden. A small and unobtrusive pole contains one or more sockets to which you can connect an electrical device.

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Kelvin (K) is the unit that indicates the colour temperature of a light source. The less kelvin, the warmer the light colour. The more kelvin, the colder the light colour. At psmlighting we make a distinction between three types of colour temperature:Warm white: 2700K - especially for atmospheric lighting in homes, restaurants and hotels.Neutral white: 3000K - often i...

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Can I add lamps to a rail system afterwards?

You can certainly add lamps to a rail, but the following points should be taken into account:-A rail of 12V: the number of lamps depends on the power of the transformer.-A rail of 230V: you may not exceed the maximum current of the rail.

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